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i hated my 20s everything about themsince hitting my 30s two years ago i have found myself gotten healthy
I hated my 20's! Everything about them!⁣ ⁣ Since hitting my 30's two years ago I have found myself, gotten healthy, balanced my moods from bipolar disorder and found a community of friends who support me every day 💕⁣ ⁣ I should also mention that I've had 2 wonderful, CRAZY kiddos, and my life is 1,000 times more chaotic and overwhelming than I ever thought it could be!⁣ ⁣ These photos show that small changes bring BIG results! Most of my transformation comes from the last 18 months but here's the low down--->⁣ ⁣ BEFORE.....⁣ ⁣ Gym 2 hrs/day 6 days/week⁣ Lean Cuisines & 100 calorie packs⁣ Calorie restriction & binge eating⁣ No self love or confidence⁣ No kids and tired all the time⁣ ⁣ NOW....⁣ ⁣ 20-30 minute workouts 5 days/week⁣ Zero calorie counting & no deprivation⁣ Healthy relationship with food & myself⁣ Read personal development every day⁣ 2 crazy kids, 2 dogs & 2 jobs ⁣ All the energy I need to survive every day!⁣ ⁣ I want to mentor FIVE women who resonate with this, who are willing to make SMALL changes, not get too crazy or overwhelmed, start slow and easy and who want to feel confident, healthy AND happy! ⁣ ⁣ Goodie bags are all ready to go for those who commit BEFORE Christmas!! Just in the last month my clients have lost INCHES and several pounds in a healthy and sustainable way. No gimmicks, no fads and you are taken care of by yours truly FOREVER!! Not just a month or the season.... Forever! ⁣ ⁣ Raise your hand 🙋🏼‍♀️ or give me a ❤️ to claim your spot!
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who is sitting here trying to decide whether to keep their gym membership in january or throw in the towel
Who is sitting here trying to decide whether to keep their gym membership in January or throw in the towel?🙃 . Did I just call you out? My bad - didn’t mean to read your thoughts like that BUT I’ve been right in your shoes! Do I go with the more expensive gym with tons of classes or the ballin-on-a-budget membership so that it doesn’t matter if you don’t go because you don’t have a lot invested? YALL we need to talk if you’re in either of these boats right now! . Let me tell you a little secret-it’s about consistency. No matter what you do! Whether your schedule and budget allow you to go to a class 4-5x every week or you know what to do on the gym equipment. And if you’re sitting there thinking, “dude this sounds just like me!” then can you lean in for a second? . There is a middle ground. A third party in the race. AND IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT. It comes down to how badly you want it and how hard will you fight for your health? Your future self? For your kids? Your GRANDKIDS one day? Your husband? Because if you do the work, you will be abundantly rewarded with amazing results. . Without breaking the bank, without sacrificing massive amounts of time away from your kids and husband and GAIN confidence you lost after having a baby, that accident, your surgery, those words or your past. You’ll remind yourself just how strong you are. . If this is you, darling I have a spot with your name on it in my next transformation group. I cannot wait to crush our goals and make new ones together in January. Drop your favorite ❤️ or hit up my inbox and we’ll have you ready before you can say “New Year New Me.”😅😉
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helped my daughter make these little gifts for her friends it confirmed that i am not a pinterest mom and
Helped my daughter make these little gifts for her friends. It confirmed that i am not a Pinterest mom. And I am totally okay with that! I am an amazon prime mom and that's way better! 😂😂😂 #whateveritried #amazonprimemom #notapinterestmom
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anyone elses husband have this same reaction thatamazonprimelife amazonprime amazonprimemom ihaveaproblem efficiencyatitsfinest caughtprimehanded
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hear thatthats the sweet sound of you entering 2019 with a clean slate jan 1 is the perfect deadline to clear
👂 Hear that? That's the sweet sound of you entering 2019 with a clean slate. Jan 1 is the perfect deadline to clear the to-do list . Change is scary. But remaining exactly the same person as we are right now is scarier. Let’s break down whatever is holding us back and get started on this amazing journey! It’s also important to accept the fact that personal growth is a lifelong journey, and something that we have to strive towards for the rest of our days! Rather than seeing that as a scary thing, see it as an incredible opportunity – we don’t need to be perfect right away because this growth is something we’re actively pursuing every single day. Once you start utilizing these resources, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your mindset shifts. 😀You’ll feel more inspired, grateful and READY to work towards improving yourself every single day! And there is nothing better than that!💪 . Comment below with a ❤️ if you’re ready to utilize the resources I can give you for a happier, healthier New Year!! . #newyearnewyouchallenge #adayatatime #workinprogress⚠️ #goalgetters #setyourgoalsandcrushthem #joinmytribe #losethebabyweightforgood #fattifit #momof2kids #targetmoms #amazonprimemom #lifesajourney #accountabilitygroupswork #fitnessjourney #wellnessjourney #everybodyhasastory #ifnotnowwhen #nottwerkingbutworking #thatsafatsweatingswelfie #ilovebaseball #swimmoms #emotionaleater #badassmomsclub #hotmessmom #findyourinnerstrength #lupus #tbisurvivor #cannabishelps #natureisbestmedicine #christmasgiftsideas
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so my husbands trucking company is contracted with amazon he sent me this picture of his truck amp their
So my husband’s trucking company is contracted with Amazon. He sent me this picture of his truck & their trailer-I told him, more than likely, that is all the stuff I ordered on prime this weekend & he should just bring it home😆 #sdrtrucking #amazonprimemom #thatmom
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so true which are yougoodintentions pinterestfail amazonprimemom
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guilty amazonprimemom shopping
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until i started planting veggies i didnt realize florida gardening season is kind of the reverse of other states when
Until I started planting veggies I didn't realize Florida gardening season is kind of the reverse of other states. When it's snowing in other states we get a chance to garden and plant, now before you get too jealous, you won’t find me out in the summer because I might melt! Many of the things I had planted when it was still too hot in the fall didn't grow so now I'm giving them a go again.
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you know youre a mamabear when tag a mom friend who gets it
You know you’re a #mamabear when.... . Tag a mom friend who gets it. 👌🏼
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are you a last minute shopper im so thankful for amazon prime my packages are arriving everyday bonus is
Are you a last minute shopper? I’m so thankful for Amazon Prime. My packages are arriving everyday. Bonus is that I don’t have to hide them because they’re sealed in a box 😄 . I’ve been so late this year, which is very unlike me. Then again, I don’t enjoy giving gifts much, in fact hubby and I don’t really exchange gifts anymore (he feels the same as I do 🙌)😬 Makes for more relaxed Christmas season with less pressure. Are we the grinch? 🤔🤣
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raise your hand if you too are expecting postal workers a lot this week i know ive got quite a
Raise your hand if you too are expecting postal workers a LOT this week 🙋‍♀️ . . I know I've got quite a few more deliveries I'm expecting. So I restocked our #ReindeerRestStop with fresh cookies we made yesterday. . . The recipes for my #cakemixcookies are in the Christmas highlight if you're up for some baking 😘 . . As is the story behind our front porch set up. This year the boys opted to make a Reindeer Rest Stop to give out treats and water to all of our #postalemployee reindeer. . . If you are a hard core #amazonprimemom like me, I strongly encourage you to show a little extra appreciation too 🤣 . . @usps_world @ups @FedEx . . #acupofmotherhood #lifeasmama #joyfulmamas #therealmotherhood #mysweetmotherhood #myrealmotherhood #motherly #ohmamamoment #mommymode #livethelittethings #raisingragamuffins #slowliving #teammotherly #doitforthegram #thingsiwanttoremember #justmomlife #sharethemoment #littlestoriesofmylife #alittlebeautyeveryday #thatauthenticfeeling #aquietstyle #liveunscripted #littlebitsof_life
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ive been singing this all week my entire christmas came from amazon shop dontjudge amazonprimemom whosewithme soeasy exciting itslikechritmaseveryday
🎼 I’ve been singing this all week! My entire Christmas came from Amazon. #shop #dontjudge #amazonprimemom #whosewithme #soeasy #exciting #itslikechritmaseveryday
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its giveaway time yall all you have to do is1 like this post2 quotfavoritequot our etsy store link
IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME, Y'ALL! 🙌🏼 . . All you have to do is: 1. Like this post 2. "Favorite" our Etsy store (link in profile)🛍 3. Tag 3 friends below (NOT businesses).🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️ 4. Make sure you're following @jcuccionilli AND @cuccionillicreations . **Get an extra entry for every friend you tag. **Get 5 extra entries if you share this in your story. **Get 5 extra entries if you share this on your newsfeed. . . We will pick 2 winners and they will all get to choose one of our wine glasses on us! Both winners gifts will be shipped out within 1 week of the contest ending. ❤ . . This contest will end on Wednesday at 2pm EST. 💃🏼
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can you believe theres only 8 days to christmas i can not believe how fast the time is going have you
Can you believe there's only 8 days to Christmas?! I can not believe how fast the time is going! . Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I still have a few things to get and am waiting on a ton in the mail. Thank goodness for @amazon because I wouldn't make it without! . I hope whatever you're doing today it's a stress-free Monday! . . . . #raedunn #tablescape #tabledecor #holidaydunn #holidaydecor #holidaytable #holidaytablescape #tieredtray #tablesetting #dunnshowcase #dunndecor #dunndisplay #dailydunndecor #shareyourdunn #shareyourspare #targetstyle #targetdollarspot #raedunnclay #raedunnobsessed #raedunncollection #farmhousedecor #farmhouseraedisplay #christmasdecorations #christmasdecor #gnome #raedunndisplay #raedunnobsession #homedecorlovers #amazonprimemom #magentaholidaycontest
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hey everyone we hope you all had a great weekend got a chance to relax and take a deep breath
Hey everyone! We hope you all had a great weekend, got a chance to relax and take a deep breath just before Christmas arrives. And now, our Mom of the Day! . Our Mom of the Day is Melissa Wallace ( @mcwallace617 ). She’s a Huntsville, AL-based wife and mom of two sweet boys. . Melissa is a Talent Acquisition Business Partner at a defense contractor. She specializes hiring software and cyber engineers. And, she says that her journalism degree helps her “write killer emails”. 😂 . Melissa is volunteer with the Junior League of Huntsville, having been a member for the last eight years. She has also served as a volunteer on her church’s public relations committee for three years. . Between work, her kids and volunteering, Melissa is one busy, amazing mom! She says, and I quote, “Winning this working mom thing one Amazon Prime order at a time.” We love it! . . . #supercoolmoms #womensupportingwomen #amazingmom #amazingwomen #workingmom #careerwoman #huntsvillemoms #momlife #motherhood #moms #parents #parenting #momofboys #womenempowerment #womeninbusiness
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im not about to get too serious right now guys we arent trying to take on huge changes or do
I'm not about to get too serious right now guys! 🤪 We aren't trying to take on huge changes or do a massive overhaul during the busiest time of year! That would more than likely set us up for failure and NOBODY wants to fail! 🙅🏼‍♀️ This time is going to be spent enjoying our time with family, baking cookies for Santa and experiencing the JOY of the season 🎄 The rest of this month we will focus on SHORT workouts, balanced Nutrition with some wiggle room for treats and cocktails and having that community of like minded women who are supporting, encouraging and noticing US through the holiday chaos! Why don't you join us? We don't want you to go 💯 right now.... Let's keep it basic, simple and fun! Then when New Year's hits, we can go ALL IN with a NEW program, mindset and easy meal plan!
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all 3 are going to be tired of stopping at my house in the next 10 days or my neighbors houses because
All 3 are going to be tired of stopping at my house in the next 10 days... or my neighbors houses.. because apparently just dropping at one of our houses is close enough for fedex 😂 🧐 we’ll figure it out... don’t worry, we got this! @mistyplants @brookelauren4 bahaha
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this years christmas brought to you by amazon prime christmas amazonprime amazonprimemom
This year’s Christmas brought to you by @amazon prime 🤳😍💕🎄 #christmas #amazonprime #amazonprimemom
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